Sunday, March 22, 2009

LITTLEST PET SHOP Journal Value Pack

This new Value Pack includes the needed My Collector Journal with Kitty and 5 specially marked Collectible Pet items.
-Bobble-headed Funniest baby blue penguin pet #821 that comes with pet-sized wave runner and sporty goggles. Bubbly-eyed Funniest Panda pet #822 that comes with with her very own pet-sized tricycle and flowery basket
-Bubbly-eyed Messiest Snail & Whale pet duo #823 and #824 that comes with pet-sized pool accessory.
-Bubbly-eyed Sportiest Duck and Boxer pet duo #825 and #826 with pet-sized snorkel gear and slippers!
-Bubbly-eyed Sassiest Dwarf Bunny and Bunny pet duo#827 and #828 that comes with pet-sized carrot and visor accessories!

To receive the Special Edition Koala pet you have to collect any six (6) LITTLEST PET SHOP Collector’s stickers from these specially marked LITTLEST PET SHOP toy packages and mail-in the completed sticker page from the journal.

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