Saturday, May 23, 2009

2008 New Littlest pet shop Winter Sleddin Fun globe with 2 exclusive pets 684 685

This is a new Winter Snow globe – Sleddin and Chilliest Fun set that includes Caramel Tan Pony horse #684 and Baby Blue Frosted Snow White Bunny Rabbit #685 plus sled accessories in unique snow globe packaging.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Littlest Pet Shop Tail-wagging Fitness Club Set including rare kangaroo #682

Get your pets ready to feel the burn with this activity fun-filled play-set where pets are sure to get a workout - or at least a day full of play - when you get them geared up to hit the gym! Set includes 8 Pets:

Kangaroo # 682 - this is an Exclusive rare boxing cinnamon-colored kangaroo with a light brown belly and pink inside of ears. Kangaroo comes with big blue eyes with stars in them and removable green boxing gloves.

Guinea Pig # 683

Tan Gorilla # 784

Purple Husky # 785

Brown Pug # 786

Schnauzer # 789

Orange Tiger Cat #790

Orange Tabby Cat # 791

* Spin the thumbwheel or flower wheel to get your pets jumping rope and leaping hurdles.
* Take other pets for a spin on the hamster wheel!
* While your pets are busy getting their workouts, you can store their gear in the locker
Beds swivel for comfy naps ..
* Don’t forget to swing by the snack bar and reward them with a treat from the dispenser.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Littlest Pet Shop Artic Adventures Sportiest # 676-678

This Littlest Pet Shop Artic Adventure includes 3 unique sportiest pets: Purple Penguin #676, Lavender Polar Bear #677 and Sheepdog #678 at their winter resort. Pack comes with 18+ accessories that allow to fish, play and dig all day through the snow. At night there is a cozy igloo where pets can get hot drinks and snacks...yummy!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Sportiest Littlest Pet Shop Pet Trainin' Park Set with pets # 673, 674, 675

Hasbro released recently this Sportiest set that comes with exclusive Littlest Pet Shop pet Fox # 673, Pink Owl #674 and Dachshund #675. The three LPS pets will be able to jump high hurdles and run through tires and around cones! At the end the winner will even get a blue ribbon. With more than 18 pieces, this set helps your sporty pets to stay in top shape by training in this obstacle course everyday.

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