Monday, November 6, 2017

NEW Littlest Pet Shop Squishy Mashems Fashems Series 4 Collection

These Tech4Kids Littlest Pet Shop Mash'ems Fash'ems Figures are super squishy and come hidden inside colorful purple capsules that double as carrying cases. Mash'ems are a highly collectible toy that kids all ages will love to Mash'em, Twist'em, squish'em & pull'em.

Each capsule brings one mystery character inside and there are 6 characters to collect in this series 4 such as Moko Celadon, Zoe Trent, Bellina Bellers, Pepper Clark, Zoe Trent, Minka Mark, and Lui Lagoon.

Have fun trying to collect them all.

First 30 pets


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