Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sportiest pets Bulldog and Whippet dogs # 507 508

Hasbro is introducing a new sportiest pets set featuring a grey Bulldog and Brown Whippet Dogs #507 and 508 . Each box comes with sweatband and megaphone and each pet contains magnet. These new friends will be a great addition to your collection and will give you lots of adventures and fun time.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Get 10% discount on your Littlest Pet Shop purchase

To get a 10% off on the Littlest Pet Shop products just enter promotion code LPS8 at Hasbrotoyshop.com when you checkout. Offer is valid until 12/31/2008 and cannot be combined with any other coupon or offer.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Littlest Pet Shop - The Dance

This one of the most famous Littlest Pet Shop you tube videos called "The Dance". Hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Special discount offer to buy Littlest Pet Shop pets at Hasbrotoyshop

Until April 28,2008 Hasbro is offering a special 20% discount on any Littlest Pet Shop order that you place through their HasbroToyShop.com website while supplies last. This offer applies to pre-tax and pre-shipping amount and cannot be combined with any other coupon or offer nor can't be used on previous orders. Select yout items and at checkout simply enter GETOUT20 code. Don't forget to sign up for special offers and promotions on Toys and Games from HasbroToyShop.com by clicking here.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Newest Pet Pair Fanciest Pets #512 and #513 - Cat and Dove are now available for sale

Hasbro has just released the new LITTLEST PET SHOP Fanciest Pet Pairs Cat and Dove set (Pets # 512 and 513) that will add lots of character into any LPS collection. This feline and “feathered” pet friends come with a perch and tiara accessories and are ready for great adventures! Have fun with these two new friends.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Review of the new Littlest Pet Shop Virtual Interactive Pet (VIP)

Recently Hasbro offered me the opportunity to review one of the newest VIP Pets. Here are my findings:

My Pig VIP allowed me to start the fun by joining the world of Littlest Pet Shop Virtual Interactive Pet (VIP)’s Plush World. Just had to find my pet's secret code hidden in its collar and register online at http://www.hasbro.com/littlestpetshop/ to unlock new exclusive games, new activities and lots of freshly features!

Then I sign in again and was able to spend time with, play and care for my virtual Littlest Pet friend online. First I adopted my pet from the Littlest Pet Shop adopting center by typing the secret code and named it. A bonus code box appeared next but I wasn’t able to understand what it was for.

At Hasbro VIP’s section I was also told that from now and until May 15, 2008, everyone has the chance to earn extra 200 kibbles for every new pet we decide to adopt. But you might be asking what are kibbles for? Still have to discover that but of course I entered for that chance.

The LPS Post page shows a tool bar on topics such: Pet of the day, Calendar, Home of the day (not working and displaying a “coming soon”), Breaking News with the same content than What’s New, Meet the pets and High Scores. After clicking on the green X we are free to play with our VIP pet and access another tool bar on the bottom of the screen. This bar offers My Stuff, Feed Pets, LPS Post, Games & Shops, Decorate Your Home, My Account and Help options. Just check them all.

The games available include: Freeze Tap, Pet Doctor, Pets on Parade, Candy Cannon and others.
I suggest you to also explored all the other offers available by moving your VIP LPS around and at the same time snuggle your real plush VIP pet while you are playing online.

And remind that the more VIPs friends we take home, the more we can add to our online collection and , the more easy it allows us to get access to extra special places. And if we adopt 4 or more we can even become a gold member.

Right now Hasbro has several VIP Pets available (such as Pink or Grey Kitten Cat, Dog, Panda, Turtle, Spider, Duck and more) so chick here to pick your favorites and start playing with them.

Each VIP weights about 0.62 pounds and measures 5.0” x 7.5” x 9.0” (L x W x H) and all are ideal for kids ages 5 to 7.

The components are original from USA and/or Imported and were assembled in the USA and/or Imported (as country of origin)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

List of the first 150 Littlest Pet Shop Collection

When I decided to start putting together my Littlest Pet Shop collection I checked the Hasbro website and could only find “cartoon” pictures of the pets that they released. I’ve tried to organize my pet collection using those same images but soon found out that there are a lot of similar pets and this task can be a little difficult to see who is who.

I also checked online to see if there was a website were I could find a useful list but couldn’t find anything. I even turned to the Collectors books but in my opinion they are also very general and use the same “cartoon” pictures featured on Hasbro website.

So, I decided to dedicate a little time to put together a list that everyone can use to get organized and check what pets they already have in their collection. In this entry you will find authentic images of your favorite first 150 pets that were released by Hasbro. More pets to come and I hope you find it useful.

Pet # 10 - not available

Pet # 30 - white hamster - no photo available yet

Pet # 49 - not available

First 30 pets


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