Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hasbro's new design for the entire Littlest Pet Shop collection

Who doesn’t love to collect and play with the Littlest Pet Shop Toys ? Each little figure is
distinctive and comes always with tiny and adorable accessories that are fun to play with.

In the beginning of 2008, Hasbro redesigned the Littlest Pet Shop line (including their logo and the pets eyes) and introduced quite a few new types of pets - Fanciest, Cuddliest, Fanciest, Littlest, Grooviest and Punkiest series - and products such as: Teeniest Tiniest Pet Shop, Teeniest Tiniest wearables, Paws off electronic Diary, Digital pets, Digital Pens, Books, Stationery, Activity Sets, Party goods, Apparel and Accessories.

To see all these great new offers check Hasbro Toy Shop here and here.

And to track and manage your collection easier check Hasbro official webpage.


KOOL ME said...

we have ideas
for chirstmas a santa w/ reindeer
a deer w/ removeable antlers and for Roudolf a glowing red nose red suit and hat and fuzzy beard and sleigh
for the fourth of july
a pet shop w/ right hand over the heart comes w/ flag and when you press a button it says the pledge
for the pop stars
a pet shop dressed as a pop star any popstar
for the fairies
pet comes w/ a tube of glitter and wings

Fly-fonariki said...

First 30 pets


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