Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Some interesting facts about the LITTLEST PET SHOP brand:

  • There are more than 400 different pets available, with more than 60 million pets sold since its re-launch in 2005 and is one of, if not the, leading playset theme figurine and accessories brand in its category
  • The average LPS fan owns 25 pets; 30 percent own more than 50
  • Since 2005 more than 5.6 million unique visitors have clicked on the Littlest Pet Shop web site and more than 1 million of those visitors are tracking their pet collection online
  • The average site visit is 20 minutes with an average page view of 15
  • Littlest Pet Shop™ was also known as: Mes Tout Petits Amis; Tienda de Animalitos (Mexico); Mascotas de Littlest Pet Shop (Spain); Mijn Kleine Dierenvriendjes; Meine Kleine Tierwelt but today Hasbro has generalized the Littlest Pet Shop brand. So, to check the Hasbro's sites around the world follow this link and click the country flag you are interested.
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meganburins said...


Mariann said...

I have 70 pets :)

Unknown said...

I have now got 215 pets and just bought another 19 pets on ebay small pets and the bigger pluche version as wel :p

PeekyWeeky said...

Cool. I have an LPs blog too, actually and I love yours.

crystal said...

I have 1 with fur

First 30 pets


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